Wealth Mentors

Wealth & Fulfillment looks different to everyone.

Imagine having a personal Wealth Mentor that truly understands why  you are working so hard.
We take the time to discover what’s most important to you…
Acting as your Principal Adviser & Wealth Mentor –
Bringing the right experts together
Garvan Wealth Mentors is for clients seeking an advice partnership where we work together as your Wealth Mentor and Principal Adviser.
We will take the time to discover and capture what specific aspirations you have that require money, planning & advice to achieve – then plan, project manage, coordinate and challenge you to maximise the probability of achieving these unique and specific outcomes.

Each year we will revisit these specific aspirations to confirm why we are working together and what is important to you.

Whether it’s an estate planning lawyer, a business coach, a real estate agent or an architect, we will also engage and manage other experts and specialists that may be required to achieve your specific aspirations.

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